Ahmad Sharaf Aldine

ahmad sharaf aldine

Co Founder AND Managing Director at Ghaya Coaching

United Arab Emirates

Bio Summary

Bold, imaginative, and strong-willed consultant and entrepreneur with experience in the GCC and Europe. Ahmad works with clients and players across the private and public sectors within the MENA region. His experience covers a variety of industries: from human capital development, education, and labor to real estate and financial services. Functional expertise includes commercial due diligence, strategy & planning, operations, pricing and marketing, and capability building and coaching. Ahmad is also the Co-founder of the latest digital coaching platform in the Arabic-speaking world.

Employment History

company bank

Co Founder AND Managing Director

Ghaya Coaching

March 2022 - present

• Latest platform for digital coaching in the MENA region that offers individuals from all levels a space to experience life, career, and executive coaching • Conducted projects with corporate clients in the UAE and KSA, ...see more

Simon-Kucher & Partners


Simon-Kucher & Partners

July 2021 - February 2022

• Conducted commercial due diligence for a US-based Private Equity firm to examine an emerging investment-attractive company within the software SaaS industry • Led the revision of the strategic goals and plans for a majo ...see more

company bank

Assistant Manager

PACS - Pinnacle Advisory And Consulting Services

May 2018 - July 2021

• Played key roles on several projects supporting a governmental fund dedicated to increasing home ownership in a GCC country to support achievement of national vision KPIs - Developing a 5-year strategy for the fund focus ...see more

Selected Project Experience

Project Description:
• Conducted commercial due diligence exercise supporting a US-based Private Equity firm in evaluating the investment-attractiveness of a software SaaS player (target), also US-based with operations in North America • Analyzed user experience using customer interviews, customer surveys, online content, experts, etc. to understand target's positioning within the competitive landscape when it comes to customer satisfaction and performance • Conducted customer survey with 200+ participants to extract insights on key purchase decision criteria and value drivers, adoption incentives, performance, switching, etc. • Conducted competitive benchmarking within target's industry specifically and within the software SaaS industry as a whole • Analyzed the packaging and pricing structure of target to highlight gaps that could be addressed and suggest corrective measures • Developed customer willingness to pay model to revise the pricing structure of target • Developed strategic roadmap of initiatives to uplift customer experience, packaging, pricing, and sales potential of target to ultimately achieve 40-45% YoY recurring revenue (ARR) growth

Industry: Technology

Topic(s): Strategy & Planning

Project Description:
• Led the revision of the strategic goals and plans for a major GCC leisure, travel, and tourism public sector player, navigating a multi-subsidiary ecosystem • Revised the mandates of 3+ subsidiaries within the ecosystem of a LTT holding • Created strategic distribution of roles within the ecosystem to maximize market reach and revenue for the holding

Industry: Travel & Tourism

Topic(s): Strategy & Planning

Project Description:
• Played key roles on several projects supporting a governmental fund dedicated to increasing home ownership in a GCC country to support achievement of national vision KPIs o Developing a 5-year strategy for the fund focused on financial sustainability, customer centricity, operational and organizational excellence, and local market growth and development o Revamping citizen experience for >1.2Mn beneficiaries across the digital and physical channels of the fund o Restructuring the governance and organization of the fund’s major internal sector to optimize operations, technology, decision-making, etc. o Developing an internal transformation roadmap consisting of 10+ initiatives o Setting up a Business Support Office to oversee the key sector’s efforts and activities and manage the relationships with external governmental parties

Industry: Public Sector

Topic(s): Economic Development

Project Description:
• Took part on a strategic workforce planning project for a ministry in a GCC country o Baselining the workforce planning process followed by the ministry which employees 500K+ individuals and public servants o Benchmarking leading workforce planning agencies and entities to extract best practices in workforce optimization levers and approaches to maintain quality and save cost o Developing a smart workforce planning and scenario analysis tool using PowerBI to forecast workforce supply and demand over 5 years

Industry: Public Sector

Topic(s): Strategy & Planning

Project Description:
• Assisted a major human capital development fund in a GCC country on strategic plan development and review and on strategy activation o Revising a 5-year strategy for the fund focused on uplifting employment and education initiatives and country-wide programs to elevate employment rates o Aligning the efforts of the fund and its strategy with other governmental entities such as the National Development Fund, Ministry of Labor, etc. o Designing and developing a global advisory team and a private sector council consisting of cross-industry experts to advise the fund on its strategic efforts and support the implementation of programs o Organizing and delivering a wide-scale human capital development program for the fund’s internal teams and employees to uplift their skills as part of knowledge transfer and capability building o Revising and developing the target operating model of the Strategic Management Office and Organizational Excellence Department to support strategy execution

Industry: Public Sector

Topic(s): Executive Coaching


Master's in Business Administration/Management

Kings College London


Bachelor's in Computer Engineering

American University of Beirut


Language Skills

Country Experience

Lebanon Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States


Economics, Policy, and Social Studies

Citizen Engagement,

Education to Employment,

Impact Assessment

Human Resources

Capability Development,

Leadership Development


Capacity Management & Planning,

Operational Excellence,

Operation Management,

Transformation Management Office,

Balance Scorecard,

Dashboard Development,


Monitoring & Evaluation,

Organizational Excellence,

Performance Management System,

Strategy Execution,

Business Development,

Channel Management,

Benchmarking & Best Practice,

Business Case,

Feasability Studies,

Growth Strategy,

New Business Build,

Corporate Strategy,

Operating Model,

Change & Implementation,

Business Unit Strategy,

Strategic Management,

Strategic Planning,

Scenario Planning,

Business Planning,

Marketing and Public Relations


Competitive Analysis,

Customer Insights,

Market Research


Account Management,

Digital Sales

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Private Equity