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CV Advisor at Royal Holloway

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In 2015, I chose to leave BG Group PLC (now Royal Dutch Shell PLC) due to personal circumstance. As a result of being widowed in mid-2014, I felt it was important to take a career break to care for my two sons, both under the age of 10, in order to ensure their wellbeing. Prior to leaving BG Group PLC, I sought direction from senior management on my options for the future and proposed to them that I undertake further academic research which could be translated back into BGGroup PLC at a future date.

As a result of these discussions and reviews, I accepted a financial package that would ensure my financial independence and developed the PhD proposal to submit for an academic programme. This resulted in my PhD proposal to undertake research to better value (both financially and from a non-financial perspective) State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) specifically National Oil Companies (NOCs).

Building upon my extensive industry experience I determined that I wanted to expand my knowledge and therefore undertook an MSc in Geopolitics and Security. As a result of this MSc, I undertook my MSc thesis in Norway, reviewing the Oil For Development programme orchestrated by the Norwegian State. Then, I proposed my PhD to the School of Management who worked with me to develop my idea into a viable PhD which is currently being developed and will form the basis of a new approach to valuing companies with limited public information.

Employment History

Royal Holloway

CV Advisor

Royal Holloway

October 2019 - present

A part-time role which complements my part-time PhD research as it allows me to advise undergraduate, post-graduate and PhD students with their CVs, Cover Letters and Personal Statements. Bringing together my industry and ac ...see more

Royal Holloway


Royal Holloway

January 2018 - present

As part of PhD studies and leveraging my industry experience, I was asked to teach final year business student in Leadership and Innovation. Offering insight in real events and situations to enhance the standard curriculum I ...see more


Governance And Assurance Manager


April 2010 - February 2015

In 2010, BG Group PLC (now Royal Dutch Shell PLC) identified a risk to the governance of the company with the limited effectiveness of company standards and guidelines. Whilst a suite of standards and guidelines were rolled ...see more


Assurance And Investment Appraisal Manager


December 2007 - April 2010

On completion of establishing an effective Programme Management Office for group-wide assurance activities I was asked to undertake a role in Investment Appraisal to assess the viability of internal projects to be submitted t ...see more


Group Planning Manager


June 2006 - December 2007

In mid-2006 I was asked to undertake a new role within BG Group PLC (now Royal Dutch Shell PLC) to manage the coordination of all group-wide assurance activities. Previously, this activity was undertaken at a local level and ...see more


Global Business Solutions Portfolio Manager


January 2003 - June 2006

After a number of years consulting I was head-hunted by BG Group PLC (now Royal Dutch Shell PLC) to undertake an internal consultant role based in the IT Department but focused on internal business change. I was placed in ch ...see more

PA Consulting

Management Consultant

PA Consulting

September 1998 - January 2003

I joined PA Consulting Group as a result of uncertainty at the future of Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motor Cars (RRMC), which was at the time undergoing interest from VW Group AG and BMW AG. for the use of the RRMC marques. The o ...see more

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Business Analyst

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

August 1997 - September 1998

I joined Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motor Cars (RRMC) initially to undertake my MSc project, which was a fully funded, with a nine-month scope of work to assess the current business processes and IT systems used to build the, th ...see more


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