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Brickendon are an award-winning transformational consultancy, specialising in delivering change in complex environments. Our raison d’etre is to not talk about change, but actually deliver change. This provides you with lasting value. We have delivered over 500 projects in some of the world’s biggest companies since 2010 across the UK, Europe, Asia, and North America. We work with the UK Government, Industry and the financial services sector to empower business and IT leaders to rapidly transform their strategy into operational reality. We are totally focusing on delivering the transformation you need across all areas of your organisation encompassing cultural change, business change, technology change and day to day operations. Whether you have a clear and concise roadmap which needs executing, or you need a roadmap we have the expert consultants to help. We can support you at any point in the change cycle: from pre-planning, through business and IT operating models and design, right through to technology implementations and support. We have the expertise and flexible engagement models to scale as required and continue to support you. We can support you at the point of engagement ahead of project starting or be brought in at the execution stage, ensuring delivery goals are rapidly met whilst maintaining the highest quality output. 
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