Project Leader - Center for Customer Insight

rim atassi

Project Leader - Center for Customer Insight - Boston Consulting Group - BCG

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Rim Atassi joined Boston Consulting Group in 2019. She is a core member of the Marketing, Sales & Pricing and Global Advantage practices at the firm specializing in emerging markets. Rim is an expert on customer centricity, and her focus is on developing consumer-relevant business strategies and demand-centric growth. Since joining the firm, Rim has worked with clients on entering markets and white spaces, consumer segmentation, brand positioning, product development, and pricing, as well as tourism, city livability, and housing strategies. Rim is also a member of the Social Impact team at BCG Middle East with a passion for expanding social impact in the area and giving back to the community while growing the interests of her clients. Rim has worked with the public and private sectors in consumer goods and retail, travel and tourism, mobility, industrial goods, mega-projects, entertainment, health care, and education. Prior to joining BCG, she had over 15 years of experience in the Middle East and North Africa, in both customer-centric topics and people development strategies. 

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