eng. mohammed nashar alrashidi

CEO - Kafaa Consulting

Middle East


We created Kafaa as a unique platform in the region to deliver Operation Excellence services to our clients in both public and private sectors. A personal goal of mine was to inspire a lot of enthusiastic consultants to develop and perfect their skills in operation transformation and become super change agents to support our clients in their optimization journeys. It has been an exciting experience for me filled with success, with the help of Allah, in bringing our goal to reality. We have helped many of our clients create and implement terrific operation transformations to realize their vision and business objectives. To achieve that, we have developed a perfect team of professional and exuberant consultants who are enjoying a wonderful career in Kafaa and continuously working to develop new products that add value to our clients in the areas of Operation Excellence and Operation Transformation.


KAFAA is a company that provides a wide range of management consultancy and business transformation services that aim to add value to our clients, utilizing our local, regional and global expertise. We strive to build a real Partnership with our clients. It is our policy to work closely with each client with passion and commitment on a long-term basis. To ensure achieving the best results, our team integrates easily with our clients for better understanding of their needs.

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