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"I work in a very passionate way—when I’m interested in something, I go all-in. That applies equally to the clients I serve, the people I work with, and Kearney itself." Alessandro Massa’s first career passion was business and economics, and he spent 10 years working in financial services. “Finance and economics really do move the world,” he says. “If you understand them, you also understand where the world is going to a certain degree.” He started his consulting career at Kearney after graduation and rejoined the firm in the ME region almost 10 years ago after having several experiences in consulting and the financial industry. A move to the Middle East with the firm gave him a new perspective on the business. “Here, governments are the main engine of economic development; they somehow play the role of the financial sector in developed economies. Also the focus is about growth and creating opportunities for people, rather than margins and cost-cutting. So there’s a very social aspect to what I do, and I love that.” With 20 years’ consulting and industry experience, Alessandro currently helps public- and private-sector clients manage a broad range of transformations. He also specializes in working with Middle East government bodies on economic development and human capital strategies to deliver on ambitious national visions. Working at Kearney has given Alessandro the freedom to forge his own path. “I can totally be myself here. I’m able to shape my future. I’m not following a route designed by somebody else.” At the end of the day, he says consulting is all about sticking to the basics. “Really, what we’re here to do is try to fix someone’s problems. We put our clients in the middle, we focus on finding solutions, and then we make sure what we recommend can be done in the most easy, understandable, actionable way.” Advancing social change As part of a series of social reforms, assisted the government in Saudi Arabia to launch the first cinemas to open in Riyadh. Boosting employment opportunities Led a large program in Saudi Arabia’s industrial sectors to create employment opportunities for the country’s national citizens, as part of the government’s drive to reform the labor market. Defining future capabilities In line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, currently planning an extensive program to develop the country’s human capabilities for the future. 

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