chiara riffaldi

Partner - Kearney

Middle East


“Being part of the extraordinary transformations the region is experiencing, and working with clients to ultimately make an impact on people’s lives, helps me feel like we have a bigger purpose.” Chiara Riffaldi is uncompromising when it comes to finding meaning and purpose in her career, and that’s what drew her to strategic operations consulting. “Every project is a challenge, but I look forward to learning new things and supporting the growth and capability-building of my clients,” she says. After graduating with an industrial engineering degree, Chiara spent the initial years of her career in industry roles in Europe’s automotive and retail sectors before finding a home in consulting. “Exploring new topics and sectors has always been a key factor in my career,” she says, “so moving to consulting was a natural choice.” Chiara has extensive experience leading procurement transformation and operational optimization programs across the Middle East and Europe. As a partner in Kearney’s Middle East office, Chiara supports clients through industrial development, especially initiatives supporting the region’s economic diversification and driving localization of key industrial capabilities and manufacturing. In a recent engagement, Chiara worked with the federal government to design the national policy and plan to establish research and development capabilities. “I loved being part of the ambitious program and contributing to the economic shift from being oil-dependent to knowledge-based,” she says. With continued rapid development in the region, Chiara has seen increased demand for her expertise. “In a region that’s fundamentally transforming and establishing more manufacturing,” she says, “operations is becoming a more strategic function across sectors.” Chiara’s work style is powered by relationships, which she prioritizes in her interactions with clients and her team. 

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