elie el khoury

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Middle East


“Trust is the most important element of our business for not only our clients but our teams also. It is THE critical element to succeed.“ Elie El Khoury is dedicated to the Middle East and is passionate about making a lasting impact on his region and its people. Based in Kearney’s Dubai office, he works side by side with leaders at the center of government to make tangible, practical decisions amid uncertainty. He aims to provide “right and bold advice with conviction, grounded in [his] personal values,” he says. Elie believes that governments “can and must do more with less nowadays,” using innovative and citizen-centric models to inspire change in people’s everyday lives. He supports the top leaders in the region in crafting ambitious national strategies and is relentless about managing their execution to fuel the region’s socioeconomic development objectives. “Asking the right questions and even having the right answers is no longer enough.” Elie believes that governments need to orchestrate integrated whole-of-government responses and act with one voice to increase the trust of their people and investor confidence. He is particularly passionate and committed to preparing the millions of young people in the Middle East for the future. He was born and raised in the region and experienced firsthand the challenges of its youth and wants to ensure that this promising “youth bulge” has meaningful jobs, which can yield economic and social dividends for the region. One of his most meaningful contributions is working together with a GCC country’s officials on an ambitious national program aimed at developing the capabilities of all citizens to ensure their readiness for the future of work. “There is no easy fix for solving unemployment” but his work has convinced him that “committed leaders, real private–public partnerships, and an enabling culture can make a big difference.” No matter the issue at hand, Elie always counts on “the culture of collaboration and camaraderie that Kearney uniquely offers across offices. I have the right support and platform to make a lasting economic and in many cases human impact.” He says “that seeing the concrete difference we make for clients, while doing a job where work and play can be one, keeps me fueled and continuously energized.” 

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