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Middle East


“Setting expectations with a client from the first minute is paramount. I care most about doing something pragmatic, tangible, and that is creating value.” Frank Martinico’s consulting style is grounded in deep listening, collaborative dialogue, and an openness to new ideas. He’s developed these skills through practice and years of experience, ensuring he’s at his best in all client interactions. As a consultant in Kearney’s Middle East office, Frank collaborates with clients on digital strategy projects, primarily in the defense sector. The advance of defense and security technology has outpaced many companies’ initial efforts, and Frank enjoys helping clients close that gap. “I get to design a road map for them that is going at their pace but nevertheless enhances their current capability,” he says. Frank most enjoys the challenge presented by innovation projects. “You are using new technologies, new methodologies, new ways of working, and new products,” he says. “It’s fascinating because you’re in territory which is not explored. You need to really think about it to make it work.” Among Frank’s most enriching experiences as a consultant has been working pro bono with a nongovernmental organization. “You’re part of their team,” he says. “They’re looking at you for guidance.” That team approach is fundamental to Frank’s leadership style, too. “I’m always open to dialogue with my team. I will be the decision-maker, but everyone should participate in the process.”  

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