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“I love the world of projects—I love how an idea can emerge, grow, become a shared passion, a plan, a coordinated realization, and a collective success and pride.” For Gaël Rouilloux, the best consulting projects are those that have a purpose and a lasting impact—and an emotional punch. One standout moment was receiving a note from a client about the training academy they set up together. “Gaël, we have achieved something big for this country and its future generations. This is a story we will be proud to tell our grandchildren.” It’s also one of the reasons he has built his career in the energy industry, spending time with Total, a French oil and gas company and the engineering company Technip before joining Kearney. “Energy and chemicals are fundamental and embrace all the dimensions of our ecosystem. Without energy there’s no life... and without chemicals there would be no other industries. There’s also a lot of change in the industry now. I love the fact that the changes we’re making—renewable energies, bio-sourcing, circular economy—have at the same time positive immediate consumer experience impact and represent a more balanced approach long term for our planet Earth.” With a strong appetite for new opportunities and experiences, Gaël initially had his mind on a three-year tenure at Kearney. However, over almost 15 years here he has gained extensive international experience helping corporates, investors, and government bodies to transform their strategies, organizations, and performance. “This firm offers amazing opportunities to work in different places, on different topics, with different people. And you also have the ability to craft what you do. You really put the effort in when you are doing something you love. And I love consulting.” New operating models to support energy transition Defined the mandate, vision, mission, and operating models for major energy players shifting to new sources of energy, both in traditional/fossil and renewable energies. Large transformations Led several large cross-functional transformations for oil and gas and energy companies, from governance review to organization design, talent needs identification, process definition, and development and support of transformation teams. Localization With several private major energy players and governmental entities, identification or localization opportunities, definition and implementation of incentives, and tracking mechanisms to accelerate the development of local industrial ecosystems. 

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