kamal aissa

Partner - Kearney

Middle East


“Maintaining energy and motivation through complex decision-making processes is like running a marathon with a client—not as the coach but running alongside and facing it with them.” Kamal Aissa understands the importance of dedication to projects that unfold over time. “Keeping the end picture in mind makes it easier to ensure that the service you provide is in line with your own expectations and standards—which should be high,” he says. That mindset is especially crucial to Kamal’s work in the Middle East region’s transportation sector, which can have a dizzying scope. “When you look at transportation, we all are end users. Our world needs the next generation of transportation to enable this in a sustainable manner,” he says. One particularly significant project involved reforming the transportation sector for a railway client, a project Kamal led from inception through implementation. Once Kamal’s strategic plan was accepted, he put it into action and ultimately produced a successful post-merger integration. Kamal’s efforts toward revitalizing the Middle East’s transportation sector are instrumental for the region’s blossoming infrastructure. “People want to enable a local ecosystem with local expertise and capabilities to push the envelope,” he says. Kamal strives to provide nothing but the best possible service at every stage of an engagement, which he learned from mentors early in his career. “We have to be obsessed with quality,” he says. “We want to become the client’s trusted adviser.”  

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