mehdi kanso

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Middle East


“Shifting from strategy and high-level thinking to seeing the impact of your work—seeing industries born locally, bringing economic value-add, creating jobs—gives you more motivation to continue forward.” Mehdi Kanso is unyielding in his commitment to developing the region he calls home. “I'm proud of being part of this transformation journey in the wider Middle East,” he says. “I feel I’m contributing to the well-being of my people.” As part of his commitment to the Middle East region, Mehdi is driving localization efforts to bring industry production home. “The more you are producing locally across the value chains, this strengthens the financial and economic status of the nation and pushes it forward,” he says. “It's really improving the lives of our people and future generations to come.” Mehdi recognizes the broader impact Kearney has had on the region. “We’ve seen our clients grow their capabilities, grow their awareness, build more strategic thinking and problem-solving skills,” he says. “It’s not only about impacting the economy; it’s also about transferring these strategic thinking and problem-solving skills to our counterparts in the public and private sectors.” Some consultants approach their work as handing over a deliverable, but that isn’t Mehdi’s style. “To me, it’s more collaborative, building the strategy bit by bit every day, accumulating developments until impact is witnessed,” he says. Mehdi is uncompromising about doing what’s right for the client, which he learned from a partner early in his career. “Whatever situation you’re put in, if you continue to do the right things, eventually you will get the results you are seeking,” he says. “But if you start to doubt yourself and change your game plan, you will diverge.”  

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