susheel sethumadhavan

Principal - Kearney

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


"You don't always need to have the answers. You just need to ask the right questions." Susheel Sethumadhavan has a passion for machines and automobiles, and as a student he studied mechanical engineering. "I picked it because I felt that it was a real field of engineering, where I get to work with my hands, as opposed to one of those professions where people sit in air-conditioned rooms and push buttons," he explains. But Susheel laughs when he describes his job at Kearney: "I'm sitting in an air-conditioned room, pushing buttons, but on a keyboard." Self-deprecation aside, Susheel is doing quite a bit more than simply tapping away at a keyboard. He is a principal based in Dubai, from where he leads the Advanced Analytics Practice in the Middle East and Africa. In a region where data is a challenge, but the ambition for analytics is sky high, Susheel is one of Kearney's most enthusiastic evangelists for the power of analytics. "I'm focusing on educating our clients, being a trusted advisor, and teaching them to take their first steps before aspiring to run and fly. It is important to imbibe a culture of data and analytics. This will help sustain the more ambitious analytics projects and investments," he says. While Susheel is at the forefront of the rapidly growing business of analytics, requiring specialized skills, he emphasizes that his methods are simply an extension of Kearney's tradition of essential rightness and collaborative engagement with clients. "You need to engage with clients at the question level. What is it you are trying to achieve? What is your vision? How will data and analytics serve your purpose? Do you need AI, or BI before AI?," he explains. "We can always find a creative and innovative solution, but if you don't ask the right questions, you're going down a rabbit hole." It's this spirit of collaboration, innovation, and even adventure that has made Kearney a professional home for Susheel. "I'm having a lot of fun at Kearney," he says. "Our clients love our ‘can-do’ creative attitude with the skills to boot, our emphasis on build-operate-train-transfer, and our honest advice on where they need our help vs. where they can help themselves. And that essentially describes me: the constant itch to do something creative and innovative, while being a trusted advisor for my clients." 

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