christos sermpetis

Partner - McKinsey & Company

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Christos Sermpetis is a partner based in our Dubai office and leads our Operations Practice in the Middle East. In his more than 10 years at McKinsey, he has served leading energy and industrial institutions across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East—which has been his primary focus for the past 5 years. Christos’s commitment to the Middle East is based on a deep belief in the “Resource Revolution” and the new frontiers it creates for the global energy, materials, food, and water sectors. He supports resource shapers in the region in their transformation efforts—in particular, their journey to operational efficiency, agility, and cost control. His areas of expertise include mining, chemicals, aluminium and steel, industrial minerals, and upstream and downstream oil and gas operations. Within these sectors, Christos has led a number of large-scale transformations for organisations aspiring to achieve and sustain higher levels of performance. The focus of these efforts ranges from increasing asset availability, to optimizing yield, to improving maintenance processes, to standardizing operations, to reducing unit cost. In all cases, these transformations entail shifting institutions’ performance culture and building the capabilities of large numbers of people. Prior to joining McKinsey, Christos worked in the technology and advisory services sectors in Greece and Switzerland for 8 years. He is fluent in English, French, and Greek. 

Areas of Expertise


There was a time when economic growth, sustainability, and inclusion were seen as trade-offs, but leaders today need to achieve all three. This new paradigm of growth will be more sustainable, driving innovation while reducing environmental impact. It will also be more inclusive, creating access to opportunities for people worldwide. This is not an easy task, but our ambition is to help organizations and their leaders make it a reality. Every day, around the world, we partner with our clients to set bold strategies, unlock the potential of their people, embed transformative technologies in everything they do, and innovate sustainably. The impact we deliver helps clients achieve enduring change in their capabilities and performance—and speeds up the transition to sustainable and inclusive growth.

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