mustafa domanic

Partner - Oliver Wyman

Middle East


One of Mustafa’s first challenges at Oliver Wyman, when he was still gaining practical experience, was being dispatched to South Africa on a mission to validate a financial model built by a rocket scientist. The task seemed impossible – not only has he never done validation before, but it also involved vast theoretical knowledge of the subject. It took two weeks of studying and excruciating work to finally crack the case.

To Mustafa and his team’s amazement, after meeting the developers of the model and explaining what they thought could be improved, the client was in complete agreement and thanked them for uncovering certain issues they had not realized before.

This is when Mustafa understood that consulting is all about dealing with man-made challenges, which means that no problem is too hard to crack. He has never felt anxious about tackling new challenges ever since.

Today, he is a seasoned consultant and a Partner at Oliver Wyman’s Dubai office with 15 years of experience across different roles in finance and consulting to leading financial institutions in the US, the UK, Turkey, Russia, South Africa, and the GCC. His primary areas of expertise are corporate strategy, private and public finance & risk management, development of capital markets and market infrastructures.

Mustafa’s recent projects include building advanced data and analytics capabilities for banks, developing finance and risk capabilities at public institutions, and improving governance and regulation of the financial markets with key financial regulators.


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